Lockdown/Shelter-in-Place Checklist

Emergency Preparedness
Conduct an emergency drill
Ensure emergency contact information is up to date
Identify and practice an evacuation route
Secure hazardous materials and equipment
Check that all fire extinguishers are in place and up to date
Ensure that staff know basic first aid
Conduct a risk assessment for potential hazards
Designate a lock-down coordinator
Review lockdown procedures with staff and students
Develop an emergency communication plan
Communicate lockdown procedures to external stakeholders
Ensure that staff and students are aware of the purpose of the lockdown
Facility Security
Secure all entry points to the building
Install additional locks and security devices
Check alarm systems and cameras
Check that all doors and windows can be locked from the inside
Ensure that staff have access to keys and other security devices
Ensure that all staff and students are aware of the lockdown procedures
Implement a secure area within the building
Provide training to staff on how to handle emergencies
Ensure that all staff and students know where to go in the event of a lockdown
Check that all staff and students have access to the secure area
Provide students with emotional support during a lockdown
Instruct students to remain quiet and out of sight during a lockdown

Loss Prevention Checklist

Retail Loss Prevention Checklist
Check for suspicious behavior in store
Check store exits for unauthorized items
Check that security cameras are working properly
Check for proper staff identification
Check for proper documentation for returns and exchanges
Check for proper documentation for damaged items
Check for proper documentation for suspicious activities
Check for proper documentation for theft
Check for proper documentation for credit/debit card transactions
Check for proper documentation for cash transactions
Check for proper documentation for voids
Check for proper documentation for refunds
Check that tills and safes are locked at all times
Check that alarm systems are working and tested regularly
Check that store policies are being followed
Monitor and review security logs
Check for proper access control systems
Check that store entrances and exits are secure

Maintenance Checklist

Room Maintenance
Check the locks on all doors
Check all windows for any damage
Check for any signs of mold or water damage
Inspect furniture for any structural damage
Check all electrical outlets and switches
Check all lighting fixtures
Bathroom Maintenance
Check all plumbing fixtures for leaks
Check all bathroom cabinets and drawers for any damage
Check all mirrors for any damage
Check all tile grout for any damage
Inspect bathtubs and showers for any damage
Kitchen Maintenance
Check all kitchen appliances and make sure they are in working order
Check all counters and surfaces for any damage
Check all cabinets and drawers for any damage
Check all sinks for any leaks or damage
Check all floor tiles for any damage
Public Areas Maintenance
Check all carpets for any damage
Check all chairs and tables for any damage
Check all lighting fixtures for any damage
Check all doors and windows for any damage
Check all walls for any damage
Inspect all artwork and decorations for any damage

Maintenance Checklist

Check for any signs of wear and tear
Clean and inspect equipment
Test all equipment
Check for any necessary repairs
Replace any broken or worn parts
Check smoke detectors
Test fire extinguishers
Check all locks
Clean and inspect plumbing fixtures
Check all electrical outlets
Dust furniture and surfaces
Vacuum carpets and floors
Mop floors
Clean windows and mirrors
Wash dishes and utensils
Empty garbage cans
Food & Beverage
Check food expiration dates
Inspect all food storage areas
Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures
Clean food preparation areas
Clean coffee and beverage machines
Clean ice machines and ice bins

Maintenance Checklist

General Maintenance
Check interior walls, ceilings, and floors for any signs of damage.
Clean and dust all surfaces inside and outside of the building.
Check for any signs of water damage, mold, or mildew.
Inspect all windows, doors, and locks for proper functionality.
HVAC Maintenance
Check thermostats and ensure proper temperature settings.
Inspect air filters and replace if necessary.
Check all ducts and vents for debris and obstructions.
Verify that all heating and cooling systems are functioning correctly.
Electrical Maintenance
Check all outlets and switches for proper functionality.
Check all cords and wires for any signs of wear and tear.
Inspect circuit breakers and other electrical components for proper functioning.
Ensure that all electrical systems meet safety standards and regulations.
Plumbing Maintenance
Inspect all pipes, valves, and fittings for any signs of leakage or damage.
Test water pressure and adjust as necessary to ensure proper functioning.
Check all drains and traps for any signs of clogging or blockage.
Inspect all water heating systems for proper functioning.
General Safety
Check fire extinguishers and ensure they are up to date.
Inspect emergency lighting and ensure proper functionality.
Check all safety and emergency exit signs and ensure they are clearly visible.
Test all fire alarms and emergency systems and ensure they are functioning correctly.

Maintenance Checklist

Exterior Checklist
Check condition of siding and paint
Check roof for damage
Check windows and doors for proper insulation
Check property for debris
Check outdoor lighting
Check landscaping and outdoor areas
Interior Checklist
Check condition of walls, floors, and ceilings
Check electrical outlets and wiring
Check plumbing fixtures
Check windows and doors for proper insulation
Check air conditioner and heater
Check for pests
Check for safety hazards
Appliance Checklist
Check all appliances for proper operation
Check for any necessary repairs or replacements
Check for energy efficiency
Check refrigerator and freezer temperature
Check stove and oven for proper operation
Check dishwasher for proper operation
Furniture and Decor Checklist
Check for any damages to furniture
Check for any necessary repairs or replacements
Check condition of carpets and curtains
Check condition of artwork and decorations
Check for any safety hazards
Security Checklist
Check locks on all doors and windows
Check condition of security systems
Check security cameras for proper operation
Check alarms and motion sensors for proper operation
Check condition of exterior gates and fencing

Manager Daily Walkthrough

Front of house
Parking Lot
Host Station
Dining Room
Service Aisle
back of house
Dry Storage
Prep Area
Dishes Area

Marketing Checklist

Marketing Checklist: * Strategy
Define target audience
Set marketing goals and objectives
Create marketing plan
Develop a budget
Create content ideas
Create content calendar
Monitor content performance
Optimize content
Social Media
Establish a presence on multiple social channels
Optimize profiles for each channel
Develop content plan for each channel
Monitor and engage with users
Create email list
Develop email templates
Implement automation
Monitor email performance
Establish advertising objectives
Research and identify target audiences
Develop advertising strategy
Monitor campaigns and adjust as needed

Marketing Checklist

Target Audience
Identify target audience
Research target audience
Test target audience
Develop core messaging
Test messaging
Media Channels
Determine media channels
Design content for media channels
Optimize media channels
Establish timeline
Schedule content
Monitor results
Set budget
Assign budget to channels
Track budget
Identify metrics
Track analytics
Analyze results
Adjust content as needed
Monitor performance
Make adjustments as needed

Marketing Checklist

Target Customers
Identify target customers
Define customer demographics
Identify customer needs and wants
Marketing Strategies
Develop a marketing plan
Develop a budget
Identify channels for marketing
Determine promotional tactics
Identify potential partners
Content Creation
Develop content to reach target customers
Identify content topics
Create content calendar
Optimize content for SEO
Social Media
Develop a presence on social media
Identify social media channels to use
Create content to post
Develop a schedule for posting
Identify key performance indicators
Develop a plan to measure results
Collect data to measure results
Analyze data to identify trends and insights

Media Purchasing Checklist

Set goals for campaign
Determine success metrics
Research potential markets
Set budget
Media Selection
Select target audience
Choose appropriate media
Identify outlets
Determine ad format
Research market rates
Negotiate discounts and creative options
Secure best rates
Sign contracts
Coordinate schedules
Monitor performance
Make adjustments as needed

Merchandising Checklist

Ensure all products are stored in the correct area.
Ensure all products are in their original packaging.
Inspect all products for damage.
Remove any products that are damaged, expired, or out of stock.
Ensure all products are correctly priced.
Check for any price changes.
Update pricing or create special pricing for certain items.
Create promotional materials for upcoming sales/specials.
Ensure promotional materials are displayed correctly.
Check for any expired promotions.
Ensure shelves are neat and organized.
Check for any out of place items.
Check merchandise displays for any damages.
Replace any broken or missing items.
Ensure all products are facing out correctly.
Check for any new marketing materials.
Ensure marketing materials are displayed correctly.
Update marketing materials as needed.

Mobile Optimization Checklist

Optimize images for mobile devices
Ensure loading times are as fast as possible
Make sure content is easy to read on a mobile device
Structure information in an intuitive way
Use mobile-friendly design elements
Design menus for mobile devices
Make sure links are large enough to be touch-friendly
Include a search bar for easy navigation
Include a back button for easy navigation
Test the website on different mobile devices
Ensure that all forms are optimized for mobile devices
Include mobile-friendly features such as voice search
Make sure all features are fully functional on mobile devices
Set up analytics to track mobile usage
Monitor mobile performance metrics
Measure mobile conversions and revenue
Use analytics to inform optimization decisions

Monthly Close Process

Closing the books for creating monthly financial statements.
Post final accounts receivable entries
Post final accounts payable entries
Post final employee expense/payroll entries
Post other month-end entries (as required)
Day 1
Complete depreciation journal entries
Prepare and post recurring monthly journal entries
Begin preparing nonstandard journal entries (including intercompany, if applicable)
Day 2
Post nonstandard journal entries
Close subsidiary ledgers: fixed assets, payroll, A/P, and A/R
Day 3
Post remaining intercompany transactions (if applicable)
Review to ensure intercompany balances are zeroed out and eliminated
Draft first version of financials
Conduct preliminary review of financials (soft close)
Day 4
Complete bank reconciliations and post final cash
Post revenue, cost, and tax accruals (as required)
Draft revised financials
Draft revised footnotes and disclosures
Day 5
Conduct comprehensive review of financials
Create and post final journal entries as required
Close general ledger and release financials for CFO signoff
Day 6
Release financial statements (including appropriate footnotes and disclosures)
Begin management reporting and rolling budget cycle

Monthly Inspection

Glass is windexed
Exterior finishes are clean and well presented
Signage is clean and properly lit
All exterior lights are in working order
Door hardware is functioning, locks and hinges all work
The trim and window sills are clean and dust free
Plants look as they should for the season
Mulch , ground cover and rock cover are full and debris free
First impression is clean and organized
Music is on and at the right volume, song list is appropriate
Host stand is clean, organized, menus in proper place
Wires from computer, phones, extensions are hidden and contained
Lighting is on, properly adjusted to the proper settings, all bulbs working
Temperature feels right
Wood floors- clean,oiled or finished, not damaged
Rugs are cleaned and spot free
Concrete- clean, without traffic patterns or stains
Stone- clean,sealed, grout intact
Tile- clean, no cracks, full grout
All foors are swept and mopped
All fabric is debris free and stain free
All natural wood tables are oiled or have poly,minimum rings or marks
All leather of leather like material is crack free
All tables are operable, stable, clean and damage free and correctly mounted
All chairs are operable, stable, clean and damage free
All art is dust free with clean glass and frames in one piece.
Server stations are clean and organized
Computer wires are organized for P.O.S.
Server stations are free of personal belongings
If it is a handsink, soap and towels stocked
If there is a sink, it is clean and caulked
There is no sign of leaking or rot
If there is a fridge, its clean with with thermometer
Hallway leading to the restroom is clean, clutter free and well lit
Doors to restrooms are clearly marked
Bathroom sink area is clean, faucets wiped, without stains on counters
Mirrors are polished
Bathrooms smell clean
Bathrooms have wastebaskets and fem disposal
Floors have been swept and cleaned
Toilets have been cleaned, tp stocked
All partitions are sturdy, secure, clean, locks work
Hot water heats quickly
Bar top is clean, oiled if needed/ or poly
Bar shelves and liquor/wine is dust free
There are no obvious leaks, all faucets flow easy, hot and cold work
There are no signs of fruit flies, soda heads soaling, bottles covered
Handsink has soap and towels
All tile is clean and mold free
Glass washers are fully operable and proper temp
Any signage, floorpaln, notes to staff in frames not taped
All display areas are conplete
All duct work is dust fee
All interior plants are watered
All exit signs are in working order
First impression of patio is positive
All patio lights are on
All patio areas clean and swept, no stains
Furniture clean and painted
All drains have screens in them
Tile has been deck brushed , grout looks good, no broken tile
Walls are clean, no broken tile
Heated equipment has all its knobs
All fridges are clean, gaskets looks good, coils clean, shelviing is not chipped or rusted and they have a thermometer reading accurate temps
heated equipment looks clean and maintained
hood filters look clean
date of hood inspection and fire ext
dish area is clean and organized. screen in drain
dish faucets, sprayers are all operational
Walk in cooler is to temp, shelves are clean , closures work, fan is working
liquor rooms and offices are locked
dry storage is neat and oganized
breaker panels are accesible
extra furniture is stored properly
employee areas are clean and organized
door properly locks
area is box and debris free or at least organized
ground is power washed
if dumpster area, that is clean and also power washed
propane is properly stored

Monthly Server Maintenance Checklist

Having a comprehensive server maintenance checklist can help you ensure that your servers are always up and running smoothly. Setting up a routine for monthly server maintenance is especially important if you have a team of people who manage multiple servers; by working together to go over the entire list each month, they can ensure that all of their servers remain secure and performant.
Name of Server
The static IP address of server computer
MAC address of server computer
Maintenance Date
Data, Software and System checks
Check backups are working
Check and update OS
Update your control panel
Check and update applications
Run database maintenance
Make sure backups are up to date.
Check for database corruption.
Make sure indexes are updated.
Check remote management tools
Remote console
Remote reboot
Rescue mode
Check Disk usage
Check CPU usage
Check RAM usage
Check Network usage
Free up server storage space
Security Checks
Change server passwords
Download and install the patches
Test the patches
Confirm that the patches are installed correctly
Review User accounts
Perform a server malware scan
Hardware Checks
Check fans and power supplies
Check RAID fault tolerance
Check cable integrity
Check A/C unit at the facility

Monthly Server Maintenance Checklist

Server Environment
Check the environment in the server room for temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
Check the power supply, UPS, and any other power-related components.
Check the cooling system, and ensure that all fans are working properly.
Check the server and any other equipment to make sure they are running properly.
Check the operating system, and ensure that it is up to date.
Check the system logs for any errors or warnings.
Check for any security patches or updates that need to be installed.
Check the system configuration and make sure all settings are correct.
Check the disk space and make sure there is enough free space.
Check the database for any errors or inconsistencies.
Check the database backups, and ensure they are running correctly.
Check the database performance and make sure it is running optimally.
Check the database security, and make sure it is up to date.
Check the network connections, and make sure they are functioning properly.
Check the network security, and ensure that all ports are secure.
Check the network performance, and make sure it is running optimally.
Check the firewall security, and ensure that all settings are correct.
Check the security settings, and ensure that all settings are correct.
Check the antivirus software, and make sure it is up to date.
Check for any unauthorized access, and make sure there are no security breaches.
Check the backup system, and make sure it is running correctly.
Check the backup logs, and make sure there are no errors or warnings.
Check the backup storage, and make sure there is enough free space.
Check the hardware components, and make sure they are functioning properly.
Check the hard drives, and make sure they are running optimally.

Network Maintenance Checklist

Network Maintenance Checklist
Ensure all devices and systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes
Check for any security threats or vulnerabilities
Test the performance of the network and make adjustments as needed
Check for any unauthorized access or suspicious activity
Check system logs for errors or warnings
Check network connections and performance
Verify data backup and recovery processes
Perform regular malware scans
Update network documentation with any changes
Monitor network traffic and usage

New Client (New Property to Manage)

Management Agreement
Property Profile
IF US resident send - W9
If foreign investor, send W8-ECI
ACH Authorization Form
Authorization to add as additional insured
Owner HOA Disclosure
Owner Mortgage Disclosure
Management Agreement
Property Profile
IF US resident send - W9
If foreign investor, send W8-ECI
ACH Authorization Form
Authorization to add as additional insured
Owner HOA Disclosure
Owner Mortgage Disclosure
Update Management System
Contact Insurance company and add an additional insured
Copy signed documents from Docusign to owner folder
Create New Portfolio in Propertyware
Add owner information to Propertyware
Add building information to Propertyware
Pre-inspect home
Review with owner any repair items
Take photos of home
Take video of home

New Client Onboarding

Send welcome letter
Send new client questionnaire
Connect on social media platforms
Information Gathering
Create dropbox or Google folder for storing internal client documents
Create shareable folder with client
Ensure you have necessary assets of client - logo, colors, design guide
Establish billing information
Obtain primary email address for your newsletter
Obtain primary address for postal correspondence
Update CRM with client information
Internal Orientation Meeting
Assemble members of your team
Assign roles/tasks
Schedule the initial client meeting
Gather client materials
Kick-off meeting
Determine attendants for both the client and firm
Plan for meeting (conference room, food, cleanliness, etc.)
Schedule the meeting
Prepare materials and coffee/snacks
Post Kick-off meeting
Follow-up phone call next day
Schedule 2-week follow-up phone call

New Employee

Name (Full, Legal)
Address (Home)
Date of Birth
Date of Hire
Marital Status
Allowances (Deductions)
Direct Deposit (routing number, bank account number, and voided check) OPTIONAL
Create a GMail account for them
Add to Github Organization
Add to Manifestly
Add to Expensify
Add to Harvest
Share 1Password vault
Add them as a user on the website
Have them write and post their blog post announcing they joined
Add to Flowdock flows as necessary
Create Gravatar or link email to Gravatar account

New Hire Checklist

Federal & State Forms
W-4 Form (Federal & State)
I-9 Form
Contact Information
Emergency Notification Sheet
Employee Information Sheet
Employee Documents
Job Description
Performance Evaluation Process explained
Employee Handbook
Procedure Manuals
Employee Permits (food safety certification, if applicable)
Handouts/Other Items
Uniform Issued
Medical Insurance Handbook & Signup Forms
IRS Form 2120 for tip logs (tipped employees only)
First Day
Supervisor, manager, key co-workers and support personnel and their locations
Bathroom, break room, smoking room
Lockers or other areas for personal items
Storage closet, cleaning supplies, tools and equipment
Supplies, mail, message board, sign-in and sign-out, time clock
Parking, including restrictions
Building hours, work schedule, lunch and breaks
Sign offs
Employee Sign Off
Supervisor Sign Off

New Hire Onboarding Checklist

General Information
Employee's name
Job title
Start date
Employee Paperwork
Employment contract
Confidentiality agreement
Tax forms
Direct deposit information
Computer and Technical Setup
Desk setup
Computer access
Software access
Email account
Network access
Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Retirement plan
Department/role specific training
Safety training
Company policies and procedures

New Tenant (Tenant Move In)

Before Move In
If property is built prior to 1978, forward Lead Paint Addendum to tenant prior to lease signing
Check if HOA requires a lease addendum, if so attach to lease
Prepare Lease Documents
Send Lease documents via DocuSign to tenant
Verify receipt of Tenant Signed Lease in DocuSign.
Verify receipt of Reservation Fee. Scan Reservation check and upload to cloud storage.
Deposit Tenant Reservation Fee
Sign Lease and upload signed Lease to cloud storage.
Email executed lease to tenant
If on FMLS, change FMLS listing to leased
Remove marketing advertising from Rently
Remove marketing advertising from Craigslist.
Confirm Move In Date with Tenant
Email document "Moving into your new home" to tenants
Schedule House Cleaning
IF call box at front gate, contact HOA to add tenant to call box
Perform pre-inspection
Verify Security Deposit is bank cashiers check or money order
Complete Move In Inspection
Email inspection to tenant
Remove Lockbox
Verify Receipt of insurance declaration w/ $100K liability
Post Security Deposit to Tenant Ledger
Deposit Security Deposit to Bank
Send email to tenant asking if any questions/concerns after move in.

Onboarding a New Software Developer

Before Day One
Enter start date
Brand new step
Review internal wikis to ensure all tool and internal process explanations are up to date.
Prepare physical equipment the developer will need, such as:
Create accounts for the developer on any external services, such as:
Create accounts for the developer on any internal services, such as:
Send the developer invites to team meetings
Assign a developer or project manager to guide and mentor the new developer
Day One (and possibly Day Two)
Gather employee information for payroll and other benefits
Introduce the developer to everyone on their team (the whole team, if it’s small, or their specific product team), including remote members, and make sure they know what each person does
Introduce the developer to any company resources, such as tech support and human resources
Introduce the developer to daily standups or scrums and explain how to participate
Take the developer out to lunch with their team (the whole team, if it’s small, or their specific product team) or arrange a team bonding time over video call

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