Applicant Review (Tenant Screening)
Gather Info
Email address of applicant
Date of move in
Address of property
Employment & Previous Landlord Confirmation
Reach out to previous landlord to ask questions about prospective tenant.
Send a landlord verification form for them to fill out and fax back to you.
Send employment verification to employer to complete
Co-signer required
Credit Report & Background Check
Run credit check
Applicant credit score
SSN Validation
Death index check
Criminal record search
Sex Offender Report
Name and Address Validation
Consigner contact name
Cosigner email
Accepted or Rejected?
If Accepted
Start the New Tenant Onboarding workflow
If Rejected
Send rejection email
New Tenant (Tenant Move In)
Before Move In
If property is built prior to 1978, forward Lead Paint Addendum to tenant prior to lease signing
Check if HOA requires a lease addendum, if so attach to lease
Prepare Lease Documents
Send Lease documents via DocuSign to tenant
Verify receipt of Tenant Signed Lease in DocuSign.
Verify receipt of Reservation Fee. Scan Reservation check and upload to cloud storage.
Deposit Tenant Reservation Fee
Sign Lease and upload signed Lease to cloud storage.
Email executed lease to tenant
If on FMLS, change FMLS listing to leased
Remove marketing advertising from Rently
Remove marketing advertising from Craigslist.
Confirm Move In Date with Tenant
Email document "Moving into your new home" to tenants
Schedule House Cleaning
IF call box at front gate, contact HOA to add tenant to call box
Perform pre-inspection
Verify Security Deposit is bank cashiers check or money order
Complete Move In Inspection
Email inspection to tenant
Remove Lockbox
Verify Receipt of insurance declaration w/ $100K liability
Post Security Deposit to Tenant Ledger
Deposit Security Deposit to Bank
Send email to tenant asking if any questions/concerns after move in.
Tenant Eviction Checklist
Prepare your eviction Case
Understand that this is a general template and should be edited accordingly to your specific state laws.
Gather evidence about the issues
If the case is not clear consult with a lawyer
Notice of eviction
Draft a notice of eviction with a clear deadline
Pin the notice of eviction to the tenant's front door
Send the notice of eviction through certified mail
Wait the time defined on your state laws. If the tenant has not complied with the notice of eviction continue to the next step
Take the matter to the court
Get a court order
Gather the relevant documents
Attend the court hearing
Wait the time defined by the court. If tenant has not complied with the court-mandated eviction continue to the next step
Call the authorities so they can handle the forced eviction
Collecting Past-due Rent
File a lawsuit with small claims court
Gather the relevant documents
Attend the court hearing
Apartment Turnover Maintenance Checklist
Tile and hardwood floors (loosening, scuffs, scratches, cracks)
Carpeting (stains, tears, holes, burn marks)
Walls and ceilings (nails, hooks, holes, marks, chipping paint)
Ceiling fan (loosening)
Windows, screens, and tracks (cracks, tears)
Blinds and shades (tears, damage)
Doors, conventional and sliding (tracks, dents, scuffs)
Sinks and drain (signs of leakage)
Garbage disposal (signs of leakage)
Countertops (scratches, burns, marks)
Pantry, cabinetry, and drawers, inside and out (shelving, handles/knobs, scratches, scuffs)
Stovetop and oven
Exhaust fan and light (filter)
Refrigerator and icemaker (door seal, drawer and platform cracks, signs of leakage)
Dishwasher (signs of leakage)
Sink and drain (signs of leakage)
Bath and shower (signs of leakage)
Grout (signs of leakage)
Cabinets and drawers, inside and out (shelving, handles/knobs, scratches, scuffs)
Exhaust fan (filter)
Vanity top and mirror
Ceiling Fan
Closet Rod/Racks
Closet/Drawer Knobs
Crown Molding
Light Fixtures
Privacy Lockset
Smoke/CO2 Alarms
Wall Base/Base Trim
Wall Plates
Window Screens
Smoke detectors (batteries)
Carbon monoxide (batteries)
Light fixtures and bulbs
New Client (New Property to Manage)
Management Agreement
Property Profile
IF US resident send - W9
If foreign investor, send W8-ECI
ACH Authorization Form
Authorization to add as additional insured
Owner HOA Disclosure
Owner Mortgage Disclosure
Management Agreement
Property Profile
IF US resident send - W9
If foreign investor, send W8-ECI
ACH Authorization Form
Authorization to add as additional insured
Owner HOA Disclosure
Owner Mortgage Disclosure
Update Management System
Contact Insurance company and add an additional insured
Copy signed documents from Docusign to owner folder
Create New Portfolio in Propertyware
Add owner information to Propertyware
Add building information to Propertyware
Pre-inspect home
Review with owner any repair items
Take photos of home
Take video of home
Tenant Move Out
Initial steps
Receive notice from tenant/or vacancy info from owner
Confirm tenant is providing sufficient notice corresponding to lease
Add move-out date to calendar
Add deposit refund "drop-dead" date to calendar with buffer
Send move-out checklist letter to tenant
Update property management system
Schedule professional photos if needed
Schedule unit and building walk-thru to see what needs to be repaired, updated, or major issues
Send Forwarding Address form letter to tenant
Schedule walk through times with tenant
List Property
Inspection, repairs, moveout
Perform walk-thru
Take new photos or video if needed
Schedule repairs if needed
Update tenant's forwarding address
Process charges for tenant
Cut Security Deposit check to tenant
File all docs in property management system

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