Buyer's Checklist

Essential Information
Financial Information: mortgage pre-approval letter, proof of funds, bank statements, etc.
Legal Documents: copy of the deed, property survey, title insurance, etc.
Home Inspection: review of the inspection report, any follow-up inspections, etc.
Closing Costs: review of all closing costs and fees, title insurance, etc.
Escrow Account: review of the escrow account, transfer of funds, etc.
Signing Documents: review of documents to be signed, understanding of the documents, etc.
Moving Date: review of the moving date and timeline, ensuring all items are complete, etc.
Moving Company: selection of a moving company, booking the move, etc.
Utilities: transfer of utilities to the new home, scheduling of installation, etc.
Insurance: selection of homeowner’s insurance, ensuring coverage is adequate, etc.
Home Maintenance: selection of a home maintenance company, scheduling of services, etc.
Home Warranty: selection of a home warranty company, understanding of coverage, etc.

Closing Checklist

Certification of Title
Obtain and review title search
Verify chain of title
Resolve title issues
Record deed of transfer
Verify title insurance
Conduct an inspection of the property
Identify and document any existing discrepancies
Negotiate repair/replacement of any identified discrepancies
Verify loan approval
Obtain loan documents
Review closing costs
Confirm closing date
Prepare closing documents
Verify all documents are signed and dated
Collect closing funds
Distribute closing funds
Record deed and transfer
Transfer title
Finalize closing paperwork
Transfer utilities
Notify post office and tax office of address change
Send closing documents to lender/buyer

Home Inspection Checklist

Ceilings/Crown Molding
Crawl Space/Basement
Heating/Air Conditioning
Smoke Alarms/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Ground Fault Interrupter
Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Home Maintenance Checklist

Exterior Maintenance
Check roof for damage, missing or loose shingles, and signs of water damage
Check gutters, downspouts and fascia boards for signs of rust, rot, or insect damage
Check windows and doors for cracks, leaks, and other damage
Inspect exterior walls for peeling paint, mildew, and other signs of damage
Inspect decks, patios, and walkways for loose boards, cracks, and other signs of damage
Inspect the foundation for cracks, settling, and other signs of damage
Interior Maintenance
Check walls and ceilings for water damage, peeling paint, and other signs of damage
Check windows and doors for cracks, leaks, and other damage
Inspect all electrical outlets, switches, and wiring for signs of damage
Inspect plumbing fixtures, pipes, and water heater for signs of damage
Check floors for loose boards, warped wood, and other signs of damage
Inspect walls and ceilings for cracks, leaks, and other signs of damage
Appliance Maintenance
Check refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and other large appliances for signs of damage
Clean the lint filter in dryer
Check washing machine for signs of leaking water
Check water heater for signs of rust, corrosion, and other signs of damage
Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Check security system for proper operation
Inspect fire extinguishers for proper operation
Check for loose railings, loose steps, and other potential safety hazards

Home Showing Checklist

Condition of the exterior
Overall curb appeal
Functionality of appliances
Overall condition
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors
Functioning door locks
Condition of stairs/handrails
Condition of furnace/HVAC system
Condition of wiring/electrical system
Condition of plumbing
Fitness Center
Community Clubhouse/Recreation Area

Listing Agreement Checklist

Listing Agreement
Initial Listing Agreement
Property Address
Property Description
List Price
Listing Period
Term of Agreement
Responsibilities of Brokerage
Responsibilities of Listing Agent
Marketing Plan
Occupancy Agreement
Cancellation Clause
Signatures of Seller and Brokerage
Legal Requirements
Title Report and Legal Description
Property Tax Information
Zoning and Permits
Homeowner and Condo Association Rules
Current Insurance Information
HOA Fees
Listing Agreement Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Laws
Maintenance and Repairs
Property Condition Report
Inspection Reports
Repairs and Maintenance Records
Home Warranty Information
Utility Information
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
Mold Disclosure
Property Disclosure Statement
Natural Hazards Disclosure
Condominium Disclosure Statement
Hazardous Materials Disclosure
Radon Disclosure
Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition
Transfer Disclosure Statement
Seller's Property Disclosure Statement
Mortgage Pre-qualification Letter
Proof of Funds or Pre-approval Letter
Loan Estimate
Closing Disclosure
Escrow Documentation

Marketing Checklist

Target Audience
Identify target audience
Research target audience
Test target audience
Develop core messaging
Test messaging
Media Channels
Determine media channels
Design content for media channels
Optimize media channels
Establish timeline
Schedule content
Monitor results
Set budget
Assign budget to channels
Track budget
Identify metrics
Track analytics
Analyze results
Adjust content as needed
Monitor performance
Make adjustments as needed

Open House Checklist

Pre-Open House Preparation
Listing information
Property photos
Price and financials
Listing signage
Cleaning and staging
Brochures and other promotional material
Public transportation options
During the Open House
Greet guests
Answer questions
Make sure all areas are accessible
Offer tours of the property
Collect contact information
Follow up with attendees
After the Open House
Follow up with attendees
Update listing information
Remove signage
Clean up property

Pre-listing Checklist

Pre-Listing Checklist
Gather all legal documents related to the property
Check for any outstanding mortgages
Ensure the title is clear
Determine the current market value of the property
Secure insurance for the property
Take pictures of the property
Check for any home improvements that need to be made
Update any necessary permits or licenses
Conduct a home inspection
Create a list of features and amenities
Research comparable properties in the area
Prepare a marketing plan
Create an advertising budget
Prepare any necessary documents for listing

Property Listing Checklist

Basic Listing Information
Property Address
Listing Price
Listing Status
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Square Footage
Year Built
Property Details
Property Type (single family, condo, etc.)
Lot Size
Heating/Cooling System
Roof Type
Swimming Pool
Property Photos
Exterior Photos
Interior Photos
Amenities Photos
Listing Description
Virtual Tour
Floor Plan
Open House Dates
Marketing Materials
Property Survey
Title Insurance
Restrictive Covenants
Property Deed
Zoning Regulations

Realtor Onboarding Checklist

Complete Realtor Agreement
Onboarding/Training Documentation
Insurance/Licensing Requirements
Set Up Office Space
Access to Office Technology & Systems
Access to Client Databases
Access to Realtor Resources
Networking & Professional Development Opportunities
Realtor Tools & Resources
Set Up Payment Options
Receive Realtor Identification Card
Receive Realtor Welcome Package
Set Up Mobile Device
Set Up Online Presence
Set Up Listing Website
Set Up Social Media Accounts
Set Up Email & Calendar
Set Up Client Management System
Set Up Communication & Scheduling Tools
Set Up Accounting & Reporting System
Set Up Listing Management System
Set Up Lead Management System
Set Up Marketing & Advertising Systems
Set Up Transaction Management System
Set Up Online Contract System
Set Up Home Showing System
Finalize Realtor Onboarding Checklist

The importance of checklists in Realtors


Checklists are a valuable tool for Realtors because they help keep them organized and on track. By having a list of tasks they need to accomplish, Realtors can focus their efforts on the most important items and ensure that nothing is overlooked. A Realtor’s checklist can include tasks for each stage of the real estate process, such as listing a property, marketing it, or closing the sale. It can also include daily tasks such as responding to emails or scheduling client meetings. Checklists help Realtors stay organized and efficient, enabling them to better serve their clients.

Time Management

Using checklists can also be beneficial when it comes to time management. Realtors often juggle multiple tasks and clients at once, and having a checklist allows them to prioritize their tasks and stay on top of deadlines. For example, a checklist can help a Realtor remember to order inspections, organize paperwork, contact local governments, and keep clients informed of progress. Having a checklist allows a Realtor to manage their time more effectively and ensure that all of their tasks are completed in a timely manner.


Checklists can also be used to help Realtors build their networks. A checklist can include tasks such as attending networking events, meeting with other Realtors, or joining professional associations. By keeping track of their networking activities, Realtors can ensure that they are meeting all of their goals and making the most of their time. A checklist can also remind them to reach out to their contacts on a regular basis and stay in touch with the people in their networks.

Goal Setting

Realtors can also use checklists to set and track their goals. A checklist can help them determine what goals they want to achieve and how to reach them. For example, a Realtor may want to set a goal to close five deals in the next month. A checklist can help them plan out the steps they need to take to reach that goal, such as marketing their listings, networking with other Realtors, and researching potential buyers. By having a checklist, Realtors can ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to reach their goals.


Checklists can also be used to help Realtors market their listings. A checklist can include tasks such as creating listing descriptions, taking photos, creating videos, and posting to social media. By having a checklist, Realtors can ensure that they are taking all of the necessary steps to market their listings effectively. Realtors can also use checklists to track the results of their marketing efforts and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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