Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
Clean food preparation surfaces
Clean and sanitize sinks
Clean countertops
Clean and sanitize tables
Clean and sanitize cutting boards
Clean and sanitize utensils
Clean and sanitize cutting and cooking surfaces
Clean and sanitize ovens
Clean and sanitize microwaves
Clean and sanitize refrigerators
Clean and sanitize freezers
Clean and sanitize dishwashers
Clean and sanitize floors
Clean and sanitize walls
Clean and sanitize windows
Clean and sanitize garbage cans
Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
Clean and sanitize sinks
Clean and sanitize toilets
Clean and sanitize floors
Clean and sanitize walls
Clean and sanitize mirrors
Clean and sanitize showers
Clean and sanitize bathtubs
Clean and sanitize countertops
Clean and sanitize windows
Clean and sanitize garbage cans
Dining Room Cleaning Checklist
Clean and sanitize tables
Clean and sanitize chairs
Clean and sanitize floors
Clean and sanitize walls
Clean and sanitize windows
Clean and sanitize garbage cans
Clean and sanitize light fixtures
Clean and sanitize countertops
Vacuum carpets and rugs

Closing Checklist

Front of House
Secure all doors
Turn off all lights
Set alarm
Check bathrooms are clean and stocked
Check that all tables and chairs are neat and organized
Gather all menus and promotional materials
Check that all guests have been served
Check that all trash has been emptied
Turn off music
Cash out registers
Confirm that all employees have clocked out
Clean and sanitize all surfaces
Clean and sanitize all equipment
Check that all food has been stored
Check that all food waste has been disposed of
Clean and sanitize all cookware
Empty garbage cans
Turn off all equipment
Check that all employees have clocked out
Check that all files have been secured
Check that all computers have been shut down
Check that all lights have been turned off
Check that all supplies have been stored
Check that all windows are closed
Check that all doors are locked
Check that all employees have clocked out

Food Safety Checklist

Food Storage
Check temperatures of cold storage units
Check labels on all food products for expiration dates
Ensure food is stored in proper containers
Food Preparation
Wash hands and surfaces often
Cook and store food at the proper temperature
Keep raw and cooked foods separate
Do not use utensils that have been in contact with raw food on cooked food
Clean and sanitize all surfaces and utensils
Dispose of all food items that have not been used or stored properly
Clean and sanitize all equipment
Maintain a clean and organized workspace
Personal Hygiene
Ensure all staff are wearing clean clothing
Ensure all staff are wearing proper hair restraints
Ensure all staff are wearing gloves when handling food
Ensure all staff are practicing proper handwashing techniques
Pest Control
Check for signs of pests in food storage and preparation areas
Set traps and other pest control measures
Regularly inspect food storage and preparation areas for signs of pests
Food Safety
Ensure all food is properly cooked and stored
Check for signs of contamination in food
Ensure food is stored at the proper temperature
Check for signs of spoilage in food

Hiring Checklist

Develop a job description and post job listing
Source candidates from job boards, referrals, or other resources
Screen resumes and shortlist candidates for interviews
Schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates
Conduct interviews and evaluate candidates
Discuss salary and benefits with candidates
Check references and verify qualifications
Negotiate job offer and obtain verbal confirmation
Send out an official job offer and formalize details

Inventory Checklist

Food Inventory
Protein items
Produce items
Dairy products
Frozen items
Canned goods
Snack items
Other items
Equipment Inventory
Cooking equipment
Refrigeration units
Small kitchen appliances
Dining room furniture
Serving equipment
Cleaning supplies
Safety equipment
Paper Products
Paper towels
Toilet tissue
Disposable table covers
Disposable gloves
Cleaning Supplies
Glass cleaners
Floor cleaners
Scrub brushes
Miscellaneous Inventory
Light bulbs
Trash bags
Light fixtures
Small hardware
Office supplies
Safety equipment
First Aid supplies

Maintenance Checklist

Check for any signs of wear and tear
Clean and inspect equipment
Test all equipment
Check for any necessary repairs
Replace any broken or worn parts
Check smoke detectors
Test fire extinguishers
Check all locks
Clean and inspect plumbing fixtures
Check all electrical outlets
Dust furniture and surfaces
Vacuum carpets and floors
Mop floors
Clean windows and mirrors
Wash dishes and utensils
Empty garbage cans
Food & Beverage
Check food expiration dates
Inspect all food storage areas
Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures
Clean food preparation areas
Clean coffee and beverage machines
Clean ice machines and ice bins

Manager Daily Walkthrough

Front of house
Parking Lot
Host Station
Dining Room
Service Aisle
back of house
Dry Storage
Prep Area
Dishes Area

Monthly Inspection

Glass is windexed
Exterior finishes are clean and well presented
Signage is clean and properly lit
All exterior lights are in working order
Door hardware is functioning, locks and hinges all work
The trim and window sills are clean and dust free
Plants look as they should for the season
Mulch , ground cover and rock cover are full and debris free
First impression is clean and organized
Music is on and at the right volume, song list is appropriate
Host stand is clean, organized, menus in proper place
Wires from computer, phones, extensions are hidden and contained
Lighting is on, properly adjusted to the proper settings, all bulbs working
Temperature feels right
Wood floors- clean,oiled or finished, not damaged
Rugs are cleaned and spot free
Concrete- clean, without traffic patterns or stains
Stone- clean,sealed, grout intact
Tile- clean, no cracks, full grout
All foors are swept and mopped
All fabric is debris free and stain free
All natural wood tables are oiled or have poly,minimum rings or marks
All leather of leather like material is crack free
All tables are operable, stable, clean and damage free and correctly mounted
All chairs are operable, stable, clean and damage free
All art is dust free with clean glass and frames in one piece.
Server stations are clean and organized
Computer wires are organized for P.O.S.
Server stations are free of personal belongings
If it is a handsink, soap and towels stocked
If there is a sink, it is clean and caulked
There is no sign of leaking or rot
If there is a fridge, its clean with with thermometer
Hallway leading to the restroom is clean, clutter free and well lit
Doors to restrooms are clearly marked
Bathroom sink area is clean, faucets wiped, without stains on counters
Mirrors are polished
Bathrooms smell clean
Bathrooms have wastebaskets and fem disposal
Floors have been swept and cleaned
Toilets have been cleaned, tp stocked
All partitions are sturdy, secure, clean, locks work
Hot water heats quickly
Bar top is clean, oiled if needed/ or poly
Bar shelves and liquor/wine is dust free
There are no obvious leaks, all faucets flow easy, hot and cold work
There are no signs of fruit flies, soda heads soaling, bottles covered
Handsink has soap and towels
All tile is clean and mold free
Glass washers are fully operable and proper temp
Any signage, floorpaln, notes to staff in frames not taped
All display areas are conplete
All duct work is dust fee
All interior plants are watered
All exit signs are in working order
First impression of patio is positive
All patio lights are on
All patio areas clean and swept, no stains
Furniture clean and painted
All drains have screens in them
Tile has been deck brushed , grout looks good, no broken tile
Walls are clean, no broken tile
Heated equipment has all its knobs
All fridges are clean, gaskets looks good, coils clean, shelviing is not chipped or rusted and they have a thermometer reading accurate temps
heated equipment looks clean and maintained
hood filters look clean
date of hood inspection and fire ext
dish area is clean and organized. screen in drain
dish faucets, sprayers are all operational
Walk in cooler is to temp, shelves are clean , closures work, fan is working
liquor rooms and offices are locked
dry storage is neat and oganized
breaker panels are accesible
extra furniture is stored properly
employee areas are clean and organized
door properly locks
area is box and debris free or at least organized
ground is power washed
if dumpster area, that is clean and also power washed
propane is properly stored

New Hire Checklist

Federal & State Forms
W-4 Form (Federal & State)
I-9 Form
Contact Information
Emergency Notification Sheet
Employee Information Sheet
Employee Documents
Job Description
Performance Evaluation Process explained
Employee Handbook
Procedure Manuals
Employee Permits (food safety certification, if applicable)
Handouts/Other Items
Uniform Issued
Medical Insurance Handbook & Signup Forms
IRS Form 2120 for tip logs (tipped employees only)
First Day
Supervisor, manager, key co-workers and support personnel and their locations
Bathroom, break room, smoking room
Lockers or other areas for personal items
Storage closet, cleaning supplies, tools and equipment
Supplies, mail, message board, sign-in and sign-out, time clock
Parking, including restrictions
Building hours, work schedule, lunch and breaks
Sign offs
Employee Sign Off
Supervisor Sign Off

Opening Checklist

Wash and sanitize all surfaces
Clean and sanitize all dishes, utensils, and equipment
Sweep and mop the floors
Check and restock food, beverages, and condiments
Check and restock cleaning supplies
Check and restock tableware and linens
Check and restock toiletries
Inspect the restaurant for any damages
Check the lighting and ventilation
Prepare the Staff
Review the daily specials
Review the restaurant’s policies and procedures
Check that all staff members have their uniforms
Check that all staff members are aware of their duties
Greet Customers
Check that the entrance is clean and inviting
Ensure that the music is appropriate for the atmosphere
Welcome customers and provide them with the necessary information

Security Checklist

Physical Security
Secure all entrances, exits, and windows
Ensure locks are in good condition
Install security cameras and alarm systems
Conduct regular security audits
Data Security
Create and maintain strong passwords
Install anti-virus software and firewall
Restrict access to confidential information
Back up data regularly
Employee Security
Train staff on security protocols
Enforce dress code policies
Ensure that personal belongings are not left in work areas
Conduct background checks on all employees
Financial Security
Segregate duties among employees
Audit financial records regularly
Monitor credit card transactions
Securely store all financial documents

Staff Scheduling Checklist

Time Management
Set regular hours of operation
Post schedules in a visible area
Set aside time for staff training and development
Ensure that meal and break times are accounted for
Schedule enough time for staff to properly complete tasks
Ensure enough staff to meet customer needs
Account for peak times of the day
Plan for staff absences
Cross-train staff to cover multiple duties
Ensure that staff is properly trained for their duties
Regularly communicate changes to the schedule
Inform employees of their duties in advance
Provide feedback on employee performance
Encourage communication between management and staff
Legal Compliance
Ensure that all scheduling practices comply with local labor laws
Ensure that all staff is paid correctly
Ensure that overtime is properly documented and compensated
Ensure that any breaks taken are within labor law regulations

Staff Training Checklist

Introduce new staff to the restaurant's mission and core values
Explain the restaurant's policies and procedures
Review company policies on safety, harassment and discrimination
Explain the employee handbook
Review the job description
Introduce the team and management
Food Safety
Explain the importance of food safety
Explain the legal requirements of safe food handling
Demonstrate proper handwashing techniques
Demonstrate proper storage and disposal of food
Explain the restaurant's food safety standards
Food Preparation
Explain the restaurant's food preparation standards
Demonstrate proper food handling techniques
Demonstrate proper knife and other kitchen equipment safety
Explain proper food safety and sanitation guidelines
Customer Service
Explain the restaurant's customer service standards
Explain proper telephone etiquette
Explain proper table service etiquette
Demonstrate proper communication techniques
Explain the proper way to handle customer complaints
Cash Handling
Explain the restaurant's cash handling policies
Demonstrate proper cash register operations
Explain the proper way to handle cash, credit cards, and checks
Explain proper change making techniques
Explain the restaurant's cleaning policies
Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques
Explain the proper use of cleaning materials
Explain the proper storage of cleaning materials
Explain the restaurant's sanitation standards

Termination Checklist

Employee Information
Employee ID
Last Date of Employment
Exit Interview
Conducted by
Signed by
Final Wage Payment
Final Payment Date
Payment Type
Final Paperwork
Signed Release of Liability
Signed Confidentiality Agreement
Signed Timecard
Signed Severance Agreement (if applicable)
Benefits Termination
Health Insurance Termination Date
Life Insurance Termination Date
Retirement Plan Termination Date
Equipment Return
Return of Company Property
Return of Keys
Return of Uniform/Equipment

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