Apartment Turnover Maintenance Checklist






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As your business grows and the number of properties you manage multiplies, it becomes more and more challenging to stay on top of routine maintenance and needed repairs. Property maintenance checklists can help you systematize procedures vital for property management.

Twelve Ways Property Maintenance Checklists are Important

  1. Identify every issue in the move-out inspection
  2. Document items for deferred maintenance
  3. Keep maintenance crews on track
  4. Formulate move-out givens to reduce questions and gray areas
  5. Get that apartment as close to perfect as possible to start renters off right
  6. Ensure apartment readiness with a final QC checklist
  7. Protect yourself from challenges and lawsuits
  8. Get more value from work order requests
  9. Keep your residents renting longer
  10. Implement a thorough preventive maintenance process
  11. Capitalize on the curb appeal factor
  12. Have a clear and helpful training tool

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