AML Checklist

Customer Identification
Verify customer address
Verify customer source of funds
Confirm customer occupation
Document customer identification
Transaction Monitoring
Monitor customer transactions
Identify any suspicious activity
Analyze customer transaction patterns
Review customer transaction records
Implement automated transaction monitoring systems
Sanctions Screening
Monitor customer activity for potential sanctions
Identify potential sanctions violations
Check customer names against sanctions lists
Check customer countries of origin against sanctions lists
Risk Assessments
Conduct customer risk assessments
Assess customer risk profiles
Identify customer risk factors
Develop a customer risk rating system
Implement customer risk management policies
Reporting & Compliance
File suspicious activity reports
Comply with local and international regulations
Develop a compliance program
Conduct regular compliance reviews
Ensure ongoing compliance with all regulations

Analytics Checklist

Data Collection
Define data sources
Identify relevant data
Establish data collection methods
Capture data
Data Analysis
Clean and prepare data
Analyze data
Identify insights
Test data accuracy
Data Presentation
Create visualizations
Develop metrics
Develop interactive dashboards
Create reports
Data Governance
Establish data security protocols
Create data retention policies
Identify data ownership
Ensure data privacy compliance

Annual Rental Property Inspection

This workflow template will help as a starting point for executing your rental property inspections. The workflow includes conditional logic for displaying the correct number of bathrooms and bedrooms as well as garage and basement items.
Data Collection
How many bedrooms
How many bathrooms
Does unit have a basement
Does unit have garage or exterior
Doors & Locks
Curtain & Blinds
Electrical Fixtures
Heating & Cooling
Smoke Detectors
Doors & Locks
Electrical Fixtures
Cabinet Fixtures
Counter Tops
Sink & Plumbing
Stove, Hood & Oven
Smoke Detectors
Doors & Locks
Curtain & Blinds
Electrical Fixtures
Heating & Cooling
Closets & hardware
Smoke Detectors
Doors & Locks
Curtain & Blinds
Electrical Fixtures
Heating & Cooling
Closets & hardware
Smoke Detectors
Doors & Locks
Curtain & Blinds
Electrical Fixtures
Heating & Cooling
Closets & hardware
Smoke Detectors
Fan & exhaust
Doors & Locks
Wash Basin & plumbing
Shower & Bathtub
Toilet & Plumbing
Cabinet Fixtures
Fan & exhaust
Doors & Locks
Wash Basin & plumbing
Shower & Bathtub
Toilet & Plumbing
Cabinet Fixtures
Mold & Walls
Deck or Patio
Parking Area & Driveway
Fire Extinguishers
Exterior door - seals and threshold

Apartment Turnover Maintenance Checklist

Tile and hardwood floors (loosening, scuffs, scratches, cracks)
Carpeting (stains, tears, holes, burn marks)
Walls and ceilings (nails, hooks, holes, marks, chipping paint)
Ceiling fan (loosening)
Windows, screens, and tracks (cracks, tears)
Blinds and shades (tears, damage)
Doors, conventional and sliding (tracks, dents, scuffs)
Sinks and drain (signs of leakage)
Garbage disposal (signs of leakage)
Countertops (scratches, burns, marks)
Pantry, cabinetry, and drawers, inside and out (shelving, handles/knobs, scratches, scuffs)
Stovetop and oven
Exhaust fan and light (filter)
Refrigerator and icemaker (door seal, drawer and platform cracks, signs of leakage)
Dishwasher (signs of leakage)
Sink and drain (signs of leakage)
Bath and shower (signs of leakage)
Grout (signs of leakage)
Cabinets and drawers, inside and out (shelving, handles/knobs, scratches, scuffs)
Exhaust fan (filter)
Vanity top and mirror
Ceiling Fan
Closet Rod/Racks
Closet/Drawer Knobs
Crown Molding
Light Fixtures
Privacy Lockset
Smoke/CO2 Alarms
Wall Base/Base Trim
Wall Plates
Window Screens
Smoke detectors (batteries)
Carbon monoxide (batteries)
Light fixtures and bulbs

Applicant Review (Tenant Screening)

Gather Info
Email address of applicant
Date of move in
Address of property
Employment & Previous Landlord Confirmation
Reach out to previous landlord to ask questions about prospective tenant.
Send a landlord verification form for them to fill out and fax back to you.
Send employment verification to employer to complete
Co-signer required
Credit Report & Background Check
Run credit check
Applicant credit score
SSN Validation
Death index check
Criminal record search
Sex Offender Report
Name and Address Validation
Consigner contact name
Cosigner email
Accepted or Rejected?
If Accepted
Start the New Tenant Onboarding workflow
If Rejected
Send rejection email

Attorney Offboarding Checklist

Administrative Offboarding
Update and store employee records (e.g. contracts, vacation, sick leave, etc.)
Terminate access to corporate systems (e.g. emails, networks, applications, etc.)
Remove employee from payroll and benefits system
Collect equipment, keys, and access cards
Notify relevant stakeholders (e.g. clients, colleagues, etc.)
Financial Offboarding
Close corporate bank accounts and credit cards
Update accounts receivable records
Update accounts payable records
Calculate vacation pay and other benefits
Finalize any outstanding payments or reimbursements
Legal Offboarding
Review existing contracts for termination or transfer clauses
Document the reasons for termination
Check for any potential legal liabilities
Check for any potential conflicts of interest
Ensure employee has received all required documents (e.g. severance agreement, COBRA forms, etc.)

Attorney Onboarding Checklist

Post job advertisement
Screen and interview candidates
Verify qualifications
Create job offer and negotiate salary
Complete paperwork (e.g. W-4, I-9, Background Check)
Discuss benefits and discuss company policies
Perform orientation
Assign physical space and office equipment
Develop individualized training plan
Orient attorney to legal software/systems
Provide detailed job instructions
Schedule training sessions
Monitor progress
Professional Development
Establish relationships with mentors
Establish relationships with other attorneys
Identify and discuss professional development goals
Develop strategies to reach goals
Ongoing Support
Assign an onboarding buddy
Provide frequent check-ins
Monitor progress towards goals
Offer resources for any issues that arise

Auditing checklist

Develop a plan for the audit
Develop a timeline
Identify roles and responsibilities
Identify and obtain relevant records
Identify areas of potential risk
Examine and evaluate financial statements
Review internal control systems
Analyze financial data
Investigate potential irregularities
Prepare an audit report
Document findings and recommendations
Present findings to management
Follow up on audit recommendations

Before Publishing a Blog Post

Would someone type my headline into Google?
Does my headline evoke curiosity?
Is my headline short and to the point?
Is my headline clear?
Am I using emotions?
Does my headline contain any popular keywords or phrases?
Am I hooking my readers?
It is concise?
Does it provide a detailed overview?
Did I include a picture?
Did I use subheadings?
Are my paragraphs fewer than 5 lines?
Am I creating a conversation?
Did I italicize my questions?
Am I telling a story?
Am I using media to enhance my content?
Is my content concise?
Am I trying to act smart?
Did I tie in any current events?
Which emotion am I appealing to?
Did I format my post correctly?
Did I link out to anyone?
Did I mention any experts in my post?
Did I back up my claims?
Did I end my post with a question?
Was I able to summarize my post within 3 short paragraphs?
Is my summary shorter than 200 words?
Did I leave things open?
Does my conclusion encourage people to read my content?
Am I publishing my post during the ideal time and day?
Should I publish the post on my site or someone else’s?
Am I collecting emails?
Do I have a lead magnet?
Do I have social sharing buttons throughout my post?
Did I create a list of social profiles within my space?
Am I using social media meta tags?
Did I mention my expert sources when sharing?
Have I direct-messaged influencers on LinkedIn?
Have I re-purposed my content?
Have I shared my content more than once?

Billing and Collection Checklist

Ensure all relevant billing information is accurate
Check for any outstanding or overdue payments
Send invoices to customers in a timely manner
Follow up on any unpaid or overdue invoices
Update customer account records as needed
Initiate collection activities for overdue invoices
Contact customers by phone or email about overdue payments
Negotiate payment plans with customers as needed
Follow up with customers regularly to ensure payments are being made
Update the accounts receivable system as needed
File legal documents as necessary to collect unpaid balances

Billing Checklist

Client Information
Client name
Invoice number
Date of invoice
Invoice amount
Billing Details
Description of services
Number of hours/units billed
Hourly rate
Payment terms
Fee schedule
Accounting Information
Name of accountant
Accounting contact information
Accounting software used
Accounting policies and procedures
Payment Tracking
Receipt of payment
Payment method
Payment date
Payment amount
Filing Information
Date filing was sent
Date filing was received
Copy of filing
Copy of invoice

Blog Post Promotion

Day One
If originally published to Medium, repost to company blog; and vice-versa
Set up schedule for the first 4 weeks of social media updates using Buffer (Hootsuite/etc)
Pin to Pinterest if appropriate
Day Two
Ensure people in the organization have recommended the Medium post
Republish on LinkedIn pulse
Make sure all team members have RTd/shared the blog post
Share on sub reddit related to the topic
Day Three
Reach out to influencers or people mentioned in the post to ensure sharing
Repost as SlideShare

Blog Post Review (Before Publishing)

Title is SEO and social media friendly?
A good use of headings to break up text?
At least one amazing image?
Is there a question at the end to encourage comments and discussion?
At least one huge pull quote?
Have you linked to previous blog posts?
You've clicked every link?
Have you had someone else read it?

Bookkeeping and accounting checklist

Categorize all transactions
Reconcile bank accounts
Ensure all accounts are balanced
Update the general ledger
Prepare and file sales and payroll taxes
Prepare financial statements
Analyze and interpret financial data
Identify areas of cost savings
Implement internal control procedures
Monitor financial performance

Budgeting and forecasting checklist

Budget Preparation
Estimate revenue and expenses
Identify any one-time or special expenses
Set goals and objectives
Assign responsibilities
Analyze data and trends
Examine economic and industry trends
Analyze historical financial data
Identify key drivers of future performance
Assess changes in customer demand
Estimate future revenue and expenses
Budget Review and Monitoring
Review budget performance against goals and objectives
Monitor performance metrics
Track actual versus budgeted results
Adjust budget as needed
Review and revise budget on a regular basis

Business Continuity Checklist

Identify essential personnel
Identify backups for essential personnel
Identify emergency contact information for personnel
Identify necessary equipment for business continuity
Identify backup systems for equipment
Identify emergency locations for equipment
Identify vital data sets
Identify backup systems for data sets
Identify emergency locations for data sets
Identify emergency communication systems
Identify emergency contact information for customers
Identify emergency contact information for vendors
Identify necessary business processes
Identify backup processes for business continuity
Identify emergency locations for processes

Business Continuity Planning Checklist

Identify mission-critical functions and processes.
Identify any dependencies on external services and suppliers.
Develop a business impact analysis identifying the potential risk and impact of an interruption in service.
Review existing business continuity plans (BCPs) and update as necessary.
Develop and/or update a BCP, including a plan for system recovery and data backups.
Ensure any plan includes contingencies for key personnel in the event of an emergency.
Identify and document any necessary resources, such as alternate work sites, off-site storage, and communication systems.
Identify necessary training for personnel in the event of an emergency.
Test and verify the BCP to ensure effectiveness.
Develop a communication plan to notify personnel and stakeholders of an emergency.
Train personnel in the BCP.
Ensure the necessary resources, such as alternate work sites, off-site storage, and communication systems, are available and operational.
Implement the BCP in the event of an emergency.
Monitor the effectiveness of the BCP on an ongoing basis.
Evaluate the BCP and make necessary updates.
Review and update the BCP periodically.
Ensure personnel are adequately trained in the BCP.

Business Proposal Checklist

Identify the problem or opportunity
Define the purpose of the proposal
Identify the target audience
Set clear goals and objectives
Research and Analysis
Conduct market research
Identify market trends
Identify competition
Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis)
Analyze financials and projections
Proposal Content
Outline the proposal structure
Include an executive summary
Describe the solution or idea
Describe the benefits and advantages
Describe the implementation plan
Include a timeline
Include a budget
Include a contingency plan
Proposal Design
Choose an appropriate format
Use clear and concise language
Include visuals to enhance understanding
Ensure consistent formatting and branding
Use appropriate tone and style
Proposal Review and Finalization
Review for accuracy and completeness
Ensure all requirements are met
Get feedback and revise as needed
Proofread and edit for grammar and spelling errors
Finalize and prepare for submission
Include any supporting documents or references
Include a bibliography or works cited page
Include any additional materials that may be relevant.

Business structuring checklist

Legal Structure
Determine the business type (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, etc.)
Obtain any necessary permits or licenses
File the appropriate paperwork with the state
Register for applicable taxes
Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Financial Structure
Establish a separate business bank account
Set up a bookkeeping system
Establish a budget and track expenses
Monitor cash flow
Human Resources
Determine employee needs
Develop a hiring process
Create job descriptions
Develop employee benefit plans
Technology Infrastructure
Identify hardware and software needs
Establish a backup system for data
Set up a secure network
Develop a system for online payments

Business succession planning checklist

Business Succession Planning Checklist
Create a timeline for the succession process
Identify possible successors
Develop a succession plan
Create a job description for the successor
Train the successor
Monitor the transition
Monitor the performance of the successor
Update the succession plan annually
Evaluate the plan and make any necessary changes

Business valuation checklist

Financial Information
Financial Statements
Tax Returns
Projected Financial Statements
Real Estate
Intangible Assets
Industry Analysis
Industry Trends & Outlook
Competitor Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces Model
Market Analysis
Market Size & Share
Geographic Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Valuation Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow
Comparable Analysis
Asset-Based Valuation
Cost-Based Valuation

Buyer's Checklist

Essential Information
Financial Information: mortgage pre-approval letter, proof of funds, bank statements, etc.
Legal Documents: copy of the deed, property survey, title insurance, etc.
Home Inspection: review of the inspection report, any follow-up inspections, etc.
Closing Costs: review of all closing costs and fees, title insurance, etc.
Escrow Account: review of the escrow account, transfer of funds, etc.
Signing Documents: review of documents to be signed, understanding of the documents, etc.
Moving Date: review of the moving date and timeline, ensuring all items are complete, etc.
Moving Company: selection of a moving company, booking the move, etc.
Utilities: transfer of utilities to the new home, scheduling of installation, etc.
Insurance: selection of homeowner’s insurance, ensuring coverage is adequate, etc.
Home Maintenance: selection of a home maintenance company, scheduling of services, etc.
Home Warranty: selection of a home warranty company, understanding of coverage, etc.

Case Management Checklist

Client Intake
Gather all necessary documents and information
Review documents and information for accuracy
Draft a case intake form
Follow up with client for any additional information needed
Obtain signed retainer agreement
Case Management
Set up case file
Identify applicable laws and regulations
Research and review relevant case law
Draft pleadings and motions
Monitor deadlines
File pleadings and motions
Request discovery
Analyze and respond to discovery requests
Prepare witnesses and evidence
Attend hearings and trial
Negotiate settlements
Closing Out
Prepare and file final order or judgment
Follow up with client on status of case
Close out case file
Disburse funds
Send final invoice to client
Update practice management system with case status

Cash flow analysis checklist

Understand the sources and uses of cash flow
Analyze the company's current cash flow
Identify potential areas of improvement
Cash Flow Sources
Sales Revenue
Investment Income
Debt Financing
Equity Financing
Cash Flow Uses
Operating Expenses
Capital Expenditures
Interest Payments
Loan Repayments
Compare cash flows from different periods
Analyze trends in cash flows
Identify potential areas of improvement
Identify potential sources of additional cash
Evaluate the company's ability to meet its current obligations

Change Order Request Checklist

Project Information
Name of Project
Project Number
Project Manager
Change Order Request
Change Order Number
Description of the Change Order
Initiator of the Change Order
Reason for the Change Order
Impact of the Change Order (cost, timeline, scope of work)
Approval of Change Order Request by Project Manager
Approval of Change Order Request by Owner
Approval of Change Order Request by Contractor
Approval of Change Order Request by Architect/Engineer
Review and Execution
Review of Change Order Request by Project Team
Execution of Change Order Request
Completion of Change Order Request

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