Blog Post Review (Before Publishing)
Title is SEO and social media friendly?
A good use of headings to break up text?
At least one amazing image?
Is there a question at the end to encourage comments and discussion?
At least one huge pull quote?
Have you linked to previous blog posts?
You've clicked every link?
Have you had someone else read it?
Blog Post Promotion
Day One
If originally published to Medium, repost to company blog; and vice-versa
Set up schedule for the first 4 weeks of social media updates using Buffer (Hootsuite/etc)
Pin to Pinterest if appropriate
Day Two
Ensure people in the organization have recommended the Medium post
Republish on LinkedIn pulse
Make sure all team members have RTd/shared the blog post
Share on sub reddit related to the topic
Day Three
Reach out to influencers or people mentioned in the post to ensure sharing
Repost as SlideShare
Before Publishing a Blog Post
Would someone type my headline into Google?
Does my headline evoke curiosity?
Is my headline short and to the point?
Is my headline clear?
Am I using emotions?
Does my headline contain any popular keywords or phrases?
Am I hooking my readers?
It is concise?
Does it provide a detailed overview?
Did I include a picture?
Did I use subheadings?
Are my paragraphs fewer than 5 lines?
Am I creating a conversation?
Did I italicize my questions?
Am I telling a story?
Am I using media to enhance my content?
Is my content concise?
Am I trying to act smart?
Did I tie in any current events?
Which emotion am I appealing to?
Did I format my post correctly?
Did I link out to anyone?
Did I mention any experts in my post?
Did I back up my claims?
Did I end my post with a question?
Was I able to summarize my post within 3 short paragraphs?
Is my summary shorter than 200 words?
Did I leave things open?
Does my conclusion encourage people to read my content?
Am I publishing my post during the ideal time and day?
Should I publish the post on my site or someone else’s?
Am I collecting emails?
Do I have a lead magnet?
Do I have social sharing buttons throughout my post?
Did I create a list of social profiles within my space?
Am I using social media meta tags?
Did I mention my expert sources when sharing?
Have I direct-messaged influencers on LinkedIn?
Have I re-purposed my content?
Have I shared my content more than once?

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