Recruiting Remote Workers Checklist


    • The positions you need to hire remote workers
    • The prioritized positions based on their relative importance to the organization and urgency
    • A recruitment calendar indicating when to recruit
    • The budget allocation for the process
    • The hiring team, which stages of the hiring process they involve and what their responsibilities are


    • The job title - include words like “remote” or “work from home” for easy identification
    • The roles and responsibilities - outline the day to day tasks and how they contribute to organizational goals
    • The details of the position - mention whether it is a part-time or full-time position, if the position is 100% remote or the employee is required to physically report to the office sometimes, and if the position is open to people from all continents or to specific countries
    • Company description - include what your business is, your vision and mission, the values, the culture, the benefits of working for your company
    • Compensation - mention the salary, and other perks like medical covers, bonuses, stock options, commissions, learning opportunities, etc.
    • Communication skills
    • Collaboration skills
    • Adaptability
    • Self-motivation
    • Cultural fit
    • Time management skills
    • Ability to work independently with minimum guidance

    • Educational qualifications
    • Previous work experience
    • Technical skills
    • Language skills
    • Personality traits
      Bonus tip: Include other essential requirements for the success of remote working.
    • A distraction-free home office/suitable workspace
    • A laptop with a decent speed, storage, and compatibility with the company software
    • A high-speed internet connection


    • A test to assess job-related knowledge
    • A task to complete with a strict deadline
    • Personality tests
    • Culture tests
    • Attitude tests
    • Job simulations


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Recruiting Remote Workers is the new normal for Human Resource Professionals. Here are some tips and a checklist to navigate this process.

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