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An Employee Termination Checklist Helps Everyone

When it comes to the unpleasant event of firing employees, having a termination checklist is critical for more reasons than you think.

Your mind may already be going to lawsuits—preventing them, that is. And that’s understandable. Of course you want a well-documented, thorough set of procedures to go through so that your company’s backside is covered.

But a carefully prepared and implemented termination checklist can benefit more than just the company itself. Managers who do the terminating, the remaining staff, and even the employees who are fired—all of them are better served when there’s a good termination checklist established.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Termination Checklist

  1. Keep Company Morale Strong
  2. Minimize Turnover
  3. Send the Right Message Beyond Your Company Walls
  4. Reduce Lawsuits By Showing Respect
  5. Be Well-Prepared Should You Go to Court

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