Job Interview Checklist for Employers

Before the interview

    • Have a set of role-specific questions focusing on the job description.
    • Personalize your questions to match with each candidate based on what you have learned from their CVs.
    • Make your questions focused and unambiguous.
    • Vary the style of questions so that you can analyze intangibles such as attitudes and personality.
    • Incorporate a set of behavioral and situational questions that allows candidates to express themselves in more detail.
    • For example, What is the toughest project you have handled so far and how well did you handle it? When was the last time you made a mistake and how did you rectify it? Have you made any changes at work, and did they help improve the performance?
    • Discuss the structure and the outline of the interview.
    • Clarify the roles of the panel in the interview process.
    • Set boundaries as to what questions to ask and what to avoid.
    • Train them on how to handle the interview and how to rate a candidate in an interview.

During the interview

    • Talk about the vision and mission and how the company tries to achieve it.
      The perks of working for your organization.
    • Explain how the company culture benefits new workers.
    • Demonstrate what the company does to make employees satisfied and successful at work.
    • Mention the major accomplishments and any awards that your organization has won recently.
    • Convey the plans to expand or grow your company.

After the interview