Onboarding a New Software Developer

Before Day One

    * Computer with keyboard, mouse, and additional monitors (ideally, install the necessary apps and environments on the computer so they’re ready to go)

    * Desk and chair

    * Personal storage space for their belongings

    Company website or blog Team wikis

Day One (and possibly Day Two)

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Employee Onboarding

What your organization does in those first few days and weeks:

  • Sets expectations of what the new developer can expect from your company.
  • Sets expectations of what you expect from your new developer.
  • Determines the pace at which the new developer ramps up and begins meaningfully contributing.

When developer onboarding goes well, you’re more likely to retain the talent you brought in and develop an effective, fruitful working relationship. Inefficient or ineffective onboarding can cost you time, money, and perhaps even your new team member.

We took our own experiences in software companies (from small startups to huge enterprise software providers) and talked to some trusted tech companies to create a guide to successfully onboarding developers.

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