Step due dates

You've always been able to have a due date on a checklist, but now you can add due dates to individual checklist steps. These due dates are expectations for when a step should be completed.

When editing your checklist template, for each step you can add an expected due date. Step due date form

You can choose if this expected time is minutes, hours, or days. Step due date units

And then choose when the 'timer' should start. You can base this due date on the begining of the process, the completion of the last step, or on the due date of the overall checklist run. Step due date reference

These due dates are relative and the system will calculate the exact date/time when the specific checklist run occurs.


These due dates work just like checklist due dates and you'll be notified if you're assigned to a checklist with a late step.

October 4th, 2016

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